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Founded in 1999, Leitai is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the R&D, manufacturing and sales of lightning protection products. Our product range includes SPDs, surge protectors, varistors, high-voltage arresters, lightning rods, signal and coaxial surge protectors, etc., while providing personalized lightning protection solutions. Our products have passed ISO9001 quality system, CE, CB, TUV, CQC, SGS testing and ROHS environmental certification. Leitai is a member of the National Lightning Protection Standardization Technical Committee, a group member of the Lightning Protection Research Association of the Chinese Meteorological Society, and the chairman of the lightning protection industry in Yueqing City. It has been recognized as a credit enterprise by the Zhejiang Branch of the Industrial and Commercial Bank of China for many consecutive years.


Win the market by the good faith, to the quality of casting brand

  • Rest assured product

    High-quality raw materials and complete quality assurance system to ensure that products comply with international standards

  • Fast delivery

    Thanks to advanced facilities and modern management systems, Leitai is able to provide OEM products within 20-25 days.

  • Export ability

    The average monthly export volume exceeds 30,000 sets, mainly exported to developed countries such as Europe and North America.

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